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I have had lower, mid, upper back, neck pain and headaches for many many years finally resulting in 24hr pain medication.

I tried many modalities over the years with little success, though lightening my pocket effectively.

After a few Alexander Technique lessons I stopped the medication and after 9 lessons my now ex physio said she had never seen anyone recover from chronic muscular tension so quickly.

The Alexander Technique would seem to have addressed the underlying problem for me, that of not holding my body well. Not quite out of the woods yet tho, still undoing years of poor posture. Learning how to walk, stand and sit all over again…… challenging.

Hopefully I have discovered Alexander Technique before I have done any permanent damage.

It still amazes me how basic the concept of Alexander Technique is yet how little it is understood by mainstream medicine.

I personally think it should be introduced into schools; it may help ease our overburdened medical system considerably.

TS Perth 17.05.10

I am 70 years old and have had chronic back pain for almost half my life.

Since finding the Alexander Technique I am mostly pain free. Elena has helped me by releasing muscle tension and working with me on posture problems.

I would recommend the Alexander Technique to anyone with back pain or posture problems.

BN Perth 19.4.10

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